Unity 1

We saw a packed house coming to support a good mix of N, C and B class matches of local fighters. The show was a great success and although we went over and above with regards to creating a professional set up, it was decided that from Unity 2 we would invest more time, effort and money into taking things up a level.

Unity 2

Went to a complete different level, with Sandee coming on board. We invested in professional branded gloves, shorts and boxing ring as well as upping the spend on sound and lighting. The main event saw UK No1 Reece McAllister go head to head with Jackson Barkhouse for the WMC mad World Title.

Unity 3

Went up a notch yet again with a support card of C Class and above. The standard of Muay Thai was a much higher level across the card. We saw some of the best young adults in the country as well as being entertained by one of the most exciting bouts we have seen between Juan Cervantes and Fillip Kullawinski in an all action A Class 79kg bout with a stunning display of skill, tricks and brutality.

Tickets for Unity 4 are available here.

"This show is going places, I promise you that – Do not miss the next unity thai fight"

− Danny Kendrick – Professional fight commentator

"Props to Nick Hands and Steven Wright honestly one of the most action packed nights of fighting I've been to in ages what a show!!"

− Colin Freakshow Fletcher - World renowned professional MMA fighter

"Excellent venue, excellent match making, very professionally organised"

− Louis Mechia - UKMF official

"Id like to thank you for having us on your show and congratulate you on the high class and well organised event, it was nothing short of superb"

− Gary McAllister - Phoenix Thai

"The whole set up was magnificent from start to finish. The fighters came to fight and oh my god did they wow the crowd. Unity Thai Fight Promotions you guys rock."

− Buddae Johnson - Professional ring announcer

"I can’t wait, I love these Do’s, Ive been nagging Ste to let me know when the next one is so I can book a room again"

− Ashleigh Brown - Customer